just got a great resource that I wanted to share with you. Earlier this week my friend, David Perdew released his latest eProduct called
My Twitter Toolbox this week. It’s a great little product that David created
last week with more than 100 Twitter productivity tools.

Just to test the market, he priced it at $7.77. And for that price, buyers are
grandfathered into the regular updates with new tools.
As soon as I got his message about the toolbox I made the $7.77 purchase.
I only promote those items that I believe in. For the price you will be very,
very happy you made the decision to get this. But the price is soon going up.
More on that below. Back to the release of the product.


Click here to access

Well, response has been overwhelming.
What does that tell David? The price is too low.
So, Thursday, May 7 at 6 p.m. ET, he’s raising the price to $19.97. And he is
only going to continue selling it at that price for 30 days.
Why only 30 days? Because this tool has continually updating content about new
Twitter tools, tips and other products, he’s creating a low-cost monthly
membership site.
But EVERYONE who buys it now (at the $7.77 price) or before June 7 (at the
$19.97 price) will be “comped” into the My Twitter Toolbox monthly
membership and never have to pay additional fees.
So, what does that tell YOU?
Get in now for $7.77 – one time – and you will continue to get great info about
Twitter for as long as you remain a member.
Click here to access
The best part of all is that I am now an affiliate and with two sales make my
money back and you can do the same. The more you sell the more you make.
Most people in this group are looking for an easy (and reputable) way to make
money online. I can assure you this is one of the easiest and the product is
great. I guarantee it and so does David.
Don’t hesitate. Check it out.