It’s likely you’ve heard big promises of making incredible amounts of money online. Yet, you are still trying to figure out how to make your first $100.
Fact: In most cases, before you make thousands, you need a foundation that allows for your first $100.
Is it possible to make thousands? Absolutely. But you would be wise to focus on the first $100 before assuming it’s simply a matter of pressing a button.
Once you have your foundation in place it is possible to make money at the press of a button. But… get the foundation done first.

Simplest Way to Make Money

If you have a list, you can sell someone else’s product to your subscribers. If you have no list, you can create a product that is sold by affiliates through platforms like Clickbank, JVZoo, Clickbooth, Commission Junction, and Affiliate dot com. There are niche, topic and affiliate specific locations too.

Creating the product

Creating a product can be a challenge for many people. They just don’t know where to start.
A product is simply a matter of packaging your knowledge and expertise in a way that people are willing to either download it or pay for it.
But be warned, avoid spending a lot of time getting your first product done. I’ve seen some people spend months to create their first product without knowing if there was an interest in the topic.
They invested untold amounts of time and money without doing their due diligence…also known as research.

Simple Solution

Here’s a very simple solution… host a webinar or teleseminar on a topic your knowledgeable about. If you put time into promoting the event, you will quickly learn if there is an interest in what you are offering.
However, key factors in the success of a teleseminar or webinar are…

  • Topic
  • Landing page layout
  • Sales copy
  • Promotions

Popular topics

Although you can create offer just about any topic, some of the most popular are…

  • Health and fitness
  • Weight training
  • Running
  • Making money
  • Relationships
  • Mindset
  • Spiritual
  • Weight loss
  • Aging
  • Beauty tips
  • Business development
  • Starting a home-based business
  • Personal development

There is likely to be something from this list that you would be qualified to train on.

Process for a Simple Product

If your goal is to create a simple product by way of a teleseminar or webinar, the process is simple.

  • Pick a date – you don’t need all the details of your event worked out to pick a date. Once you pick a date, next comes the landing page.
  • Create a landing page – there are plenty of resources and platforms available to create a landing page. One of my favorites is LeadPages. There are plenty of templates to choose from.
  • Autoresponder messages (AR) – ARs are messages that are automatically delivered when someone registers for your event. Write these ahead of time in order to automate as much as possible.
  • Promote your event – if you have no list, one of the best ways to promote is with social media. Focus on a few key platforms based on the type of people you are trying to reach.
  • Record and transcribe – this is an essential step in creating the content for your first product. Do NOT miss this step.

From there, do your research on the platforms mentioned above where you can post your product in order that others can sell it for you.

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