Not a day goes by that I don’t hear from someone who wants to build a successful on-line business. Some want to sell products while others want to market their services such as VA services.
Inevitably, the majority of people who start on-line with a huge dream soon trade their dream in for frustration.
The problem is, they try running their business for a little while, don’t make very much (if any) money and then get discouraged saying they need to go out and get a job. Aghhhhh.
WAIT!!!!! You can make this work. I should know. I make a great living from the Internet. But I also work at it. I don’t leave my success to chance, fate or the stars being in alignment. I have a plan.

The fact is there is money, and LOTS of it, to be made on the Internet. Real money for real efforts. Money that comes from very reputable means.
There’s a BIG Problem Lurking
So what’s the problem? Why are most people not succeeding at running a successful Internet based business?
Here’s my observation. The most common type of frustration is when someone has a product or service they want to market by way of the Internet and after a few months they have not generated any new business or any revenues.
Are you taking the Poke and Hope Approach?
Upon close evaluation what becomes apparent is that they have taken a “poke and hope” attitude with no real business or marketing plan. The fact is, if you want to run an on-line business you better get real serious, real fast and run it like a business. Which means, you absolutely must put systems in place.
Just yesterday my partner and I were talking about all the things we have had to do to build our business over the last 15 years. We didn’t get to the level of success we enjoy in our business by chance. We did so by being very systematic, level-headed and proactive in how we get customers and clients.
At a Minimum
Something that we do daily is to focus on reaching our market and building our opt-in subscriber list. Each and every day we do at least 3 – 6 things (minimum) to get my name in front of my market whether it be with an article, a blog posting, a forum posting, an on-line ad, a joint venture partnership or hosting a teleseminar or any number of the dozens of choices we have.
As you can see, there is effort that goes into what we do. But the rewards are worth it. There have been days I have made tens of thousands of dollars in sales for my efforts, but again, it took work. It didn’t happen because I did one little thing. Nope, it happened because I was very focused in my approach to what I do.
Honestly, What are You Doing?
A very important question anyone who wants to make money on and with the Internet needs to answer honestly is, “How much time and money are you investing in marketing your products and services?”
The sad fact is, many people may think they are marketing their business when in reality they are spending an unbelievable amount of time building friendships with people who are not potential clients, will never be clients and will never pay for their services. If you want to make money at this STOP THAT RIGHT NOW!
Friends Won’t Pay Your Bills
The reality is you can dwindle your time away building friendships that won’t pay the bills. I am not saying you should not build friendships by way of the Internet. What I am saying is you need to know how your time is being used and allocate your time wisely.
If you want a successful business you must plan out how that will look. Who is your market, where are they, what do they want, what are they willing to pay for, etc.?
One of the best ways to build market reach, credibility, your opt-in subscriber list, have fun and make lots of money doing it is with teleseminars. If you want to know how to do this in your business, join me for a FREE teleseminar called, The Truth about Making Money with Teleseminars. Tuesday, August 05, 2008 at 3 p.m. Pacific. Registration required.