How often have you asked, “What is my greater purpose? What am I here to do?”
Consider this; life purpose does not have to be some grand vision, some over the top expression or some huge undertaking. It is, in fact, very simple.
A profound way to live your purpose is simply through the day-to-day actions you take that create the tapestry of your life.
It may, in fact, NOT be about a grand vision, but rather the little acts of kindness you express. All of which lead to the grand vision.
When we erroneously believe the only way we are living our purpose is to be doing things on a grand scale, we miss what is right in front of us. When we set our mind to living our purpose and accepting that we ARE our purpose, so much becomes clear and very simple.
An ancient Taoist master once said: “Nothing in the world is difficult for those who set their mind to it.”
In working with clients, I have often said, “The world is in a world of hurt and needs your wisdom and expression now more than ever.”
Our expression is in the willingness to not hold back that which we are here to do. It is in the way we treat our customers and clients. It is in the way we treat our vendors. It is in the willingness to do what we must to get our books written, our speeches presented, our products created. It is in the willingness to have integrity in all we do.
It is also in the way we treat the animals, our neighbors, homeless individuals, strangers we come in contact with and every creature we encounter.
How often do we mistakenly believe in order to make a difference we must do something grandiose? Because of this belief, many people miss the opportunity to consciously live their life purpose through the day-to-day actions they take.
Life purpose can simply be setting our mind with a focus on love, peace, community, all lives matter, unity, forgiveness and harmony and consciously choosing to express this in all we do.
The majority of people want to live in peace. The majority of people are confused and dismayed by what is currently occurring. The majority of people would help a stranger regardless of race, gender, sexuality, religion or what country they come from.
Let us remember that each one of us is the answer. Each one of use can lend an ear to someone who is in pain and needs to talk. Each one of us can give a hug of comfort. Each one of us can be kind to a stranger who needs a helping hand. Each one of us can walk in love rather than hate. Each one of use can be the answer.
Be the answer. Be the solution. Be the change.
Live your purpose with simplicity every moment of every day.