You’ll want to harness the power of YouTube in your online business. Why? Because visitors tend to spend more time when they are watching video rather than simply reading a message. The longer the visit the greater the conversion rate and the result.
However, there are a few important guidelines when using YouTube videos in your marketing.
Here’s a very important WARNING!
You should NOT use music or other content in your video that does not belong to you or for which you don’t have formal permission to use in your video. There are all kinds of laws, copyrights, and restrictions about this, and it’s so tempting to just include a short clip from a CD of songs by a favorite band that you purchased.
Don’t do it!
Find royalty-free music, even if you have to pay for it. YouTube will cancel your account if it catches you doing this, and now that Google owns YouTube, they are very good at catching these types of things. And this is true for all video sharing sites – as well as for your videos you host on your own site.
This is one of the most important rules to follow. If you’re not sure how to upload videos to YouTube and then get that video to play on your site, this video will show you how.