I’ve been teaching experts around the globe how to position their message by finding aligned podcast interview opportunities. Hands down, interviews are a great way to raise awareness about what you do.
Yet, it doesn’t stop when the host finishes the interview. Actually, that’s when the fun begins.
Rather than rely on the host to promote your episode, do yourself, your potential listeners/viewers and the host a favor. Promote the episode. Granted, most hosts do promote their show, or they have a team that does, but it sure helps if you have “skin in the game.”
Here’s an example of what I mean.
Today, I received the link for a really cool show One More Thing Before You Go https://beforeyougopodcast.com/home/that-thing-about-being-a-vegan/

The first thing I did was reply to the message to thank the host, Michael Herst, AND to let him know I was going to do what I could to get the word out about the episode.
In that the episode is about my plant based/vegan lifestyle, I can get “double duty” from the episode. I can do exactly what I’m doing here by using it as the focus of this blog post and marketing overview.
Next, I can post on my Plant Based Eating for Health blog where I give an overview of the episode and show link.
Now I can double my marketing efforts in a very seamless way.
I could just as easily have used The Jazzy Vegetarian show hosted by Laura Theodore as the show to promote. It too, allows me double duty opportunities.
I talk about being plant based AND it’s a great example of an amazing show I can showcase on The Marketing Mindset blog. https://www.unityonlineradio.org/jazzy-vegetarian/plant-based-eating-health-kathleen-gage

The Plan For Michael and Laura’s shows

    1. Post on Twitter (already did… twice for Michael and at least 1/2 dozen times for Laura’s show… and will do a few more because with nearly 10,000 followers, I can post several times and each time someone new sees it)
    2. Post on my Plant Based Eating for Health Facebook group in that the topic fits
    3. Post in FB groups where this topic is aligned AND they allow self promotions
    4. Post this blog post in podcast groups, my own Power Up Your Podcast Facebook Group
    5. Post both blog posts on LinkedIn as comments
    6. Post each post as an article on LinkedIn

In order to do all of the above, I will do the following

Media Page

One of the most important elements of your website, if you plan to get on podcast shows, is a media page. The page is “social proof” to hosts that you are a good fit for their show, you are minimal risk and you will bring value to any podcast show you appear on.

Does all of this take time? Absolutely. Do I get traction from the interviews? Absolutely. Does the show hosts appreciate the promotions I do of their show and the episodes? Most definitely.

Massive Visibility

Podcast shows are a FABULOUS way to gain visibility. When you’re visible, people are able to more easily find out about your products and services. When you’re visible you sell more books, get contracted for consulting services, secure virtual speaking engagements, and increase your market reach.
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