In a constantly changing world, one thing that is consistent is the need to communicate in a way that gets results.
During my conversation with Yvonne Silver, we dug deep into how to Crack the CODE of communication, personality, and perspective.

Yvonne E.L. Silver is the Founder of Flourish as well as Women & Wisdom Media. She is the author of the bestselling book, Words, Wisdom & Wisdom, The Modern Art of Confident Conversations.
Yvonne is a Speaker, Certified Executive Coach and Chartered Professional HR Consultant. She coaches and mentors visionary entrepreneurs and leaders to flourish in business – by mastering their authentic voice, having powerful and confident conversations, so they can thrive in a man’s world – creating a sustainable business and a proud legacy for their children. With over 25 years of experience in eight high-growth start-ups and supporting Fortune 500 firms (as a regional VP for a global talent management firm) Yvonne draws on experiences holding senior roles also of Founder, Consultant and HR Director.
A few of the areas we touched on are…

  • Communicating without words
  • Using body language, eyes, and no words to communicate
  • How her mother “unmentored” her thus creating her desire to achieve more
  • Communication is often more about the questions you ask rather than the answers you give.
  • What women can do if they are constantly interrupted.
  • Appreciative sales kinetics
  • When negotiation starts
  • Understanding your “Moon Shot” when it comes to your goals
  • How to start a negotiation conversation
  • How to use Personality Science before meeting someone so your conversation is more productive
  • How to read a prospects LinkedIn profile to fully engage them in a conversation
  • Why most salespeople struggle when they make presentations

Yvonne was recently Certified as a 6-Intelligences IOS Coach – bringing together leading-edge personality science with sales intelligence, business strategies, emotional, spiritual and artificial intelligence – for rapid success.
As a Woman of Inspiration Award Recipient, Yvonne is a sought-after speaker at conferences, on podcasts and summits, as well as hosting her own “Words Women and Wisdom Radio Show & Podcast“. She is also a resilient mother for a special-needs son, and together they raise funds for Operation Smile.
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