Ask yourself this, “How important is my message and mission? Am I doing all I can to get my message out to market in order to have the impact I know I can have?”
Based on your answers, are you taking the initiative, on a consistent basis, to serve your market at the highest level? Are you doing what you can to become incredibly visible to your market? Are you being heard and seen by the very people who long to learn from you?
It’s amazing how many experts claim to want to serve at the highest level, but struggle to reach their market. They get stuck with which marketing strategy will give them the greatest result.

A Powerful Strategy

By far,  podcast interviews give you incredible opportunities to reach your market, share your message and impact countless individuals.
Granted, one interview likely won’t get you the kind of traction you need, but imagine doing dozens, even hundreds of interviews.
Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been interviewed more than once per day. In a two week period, Monday through Friday, I was interviewed 12 times.
Each show had a unique focus and market reach. Some were focused on business, others on self development, others on sobriety and a few on plant based eating.
All told, I was able to get my message in front of tens of thousands (maybe even hundreds of thousands) of people.
I was also able to position the fact I am a keynote speaker, I have books for sale on Amazon AND about the business opportunities showing up in the green, sustainable, plant based and compassion to animals industries are presenting.  All of this is a result of how I share my message while being interviewed.
Some people get really stumped with knowing how to do this. That is, until they learn some simple strategies.
I have a client who has been interviewed dozens of times in the last couple of months, getting her message in front of thousands upon thousands of people. She has several angles hosts are interested in. Initially, she was talking only about her newest book. On a coaching call, we came up with lots of areas she can focus on and be interviewed on.
Avoid doing what many experts do. They think in very limited ways about what they can be interviewed about or how many interviews they should ideally strive for.
A few days ago, I had a conversation with a gentleman who was led to believe one interview was all it would take to make him famous. What?!?! I’m not sure who told him this (or what bill of goods they sold him), but the fact is, one interview is not going to get him the kind of visibility he likely seeks.
To get the most out of podcast interviews, it’s best to have a plan of action.  The following areas are important to keep in mind.

  • Determine who you want to reach
  • Be clear on what your end goal is
  • Be consistent in seeking opportunities

Advantages of podcast interviews

Minimal to no cost

One of the greatest advantages to securing interviews is most, not all, but most, won’t cost you anything. You can do incredibly great by being on shows that don’t charge a fee to be on the show. There are what I refer to as “bait and switch” hosts.
You find an opportunity, you reach out to the host, they claim you are perfect for their show and for a small fee, you can be on the show. Fees can range from $20 on up to several hundred. The highest I was asked to pay was $1,500.
My recommendation is to not pay to be on a show. Unless of course, you have the budget for this and you are fully aware going into the situation that payment does not guarantee downloads, books sales or anything other than being on the show.
There are countless hosts that won’t charge you to be a featured expert. Seek those first in order to see how many you can get without spending a small fortune.

No travel

What I love about being a featured expert on podcast shows is no need to travel. I can reach thousands upon thousands of people without hopping on a plane.
In many cases, the interviews are audio only so you don’t have to worry about getting dressed for the occasion. However, more every day, shows are done by way of a video platform. Be sure to find out ahead of time if the show is audio or video. This will save you last minute panic and embarrassment when you realize you are going to be on camera and you’re in your jammies.

Increased Credibility

Without a doubt, as a featured expert, you increase your credibility. Again, appearing on one show won’t do much for your credibility, yet, if you are on dozens, even hundreds of shows, you will be unstoppable.
Have you ever wondered how the people you follow, the ones who are well known and seem to be seen and heard over and over, got the kind of visibility they have? For example, Lisa Nichols and Hal Elrod both attribute much of the success of their books (and fame) to being the featured guest on a lot of podcast shows. Not one, not two, not three, but well over 100 shows.

Luck Has Very Little to Do with Success

How often have people said, “They are so lucky to have the kind of success they have?” When referring to “they” it can be anyone who has influence. Whether they be famous authors, speakers, coaches or consultants, it’s likely they didn’t bank on luck. They banked on getting lots of visibility on a consistent basis. It’s also very likely they appeared on a lot of podcast shows.
When you’re tempted to assume that some experts are simply luckier than others, perhaps it’s time to pull back the curtain and look at how many podcast interviews they done. Likely, it’s been a heck of a lot more than one or two.
How about you? Are you ready to book a lot of shows? What about 100 shows?

Getting 100 Interviews Under Your Belt

So how do you get 100 interviews booked? Before I tell you how, let me share a story from my early recovery. Currently, I have 35 years of not taking a drink one day at a time.
Yet, early on, I was very confused how people got any length of time.
“How does someone get 10 years sobriety?” I asked an old timer who had a couple decades of time.
“Do you really want to know?” he asked me, almost brushing me off.
“Yes, I REALLY want to know,” I said almost pleading with him to share the “secret.”
“It’s simple. You don’t drink, one day at a time, for ten years,” he said in a very matter-of-fact way.
“Oh, that makes sense,” I coyly responded.
That one conversation has helped me in a number of situations over the years. Not only to stay sober one day at a time to build up time, but in business too.
When you apply the logic to getting on 100 podcast shows, you do it one show at a time. You look for lots of opportunity. You do this consistently and one day at a time, you get booked on 100 shows.
There’s no average number of downloads you can expect because some shows get as few as 100 downloads while others can get thousands, even tens of thousands. The bottom line is this, if you want to be heard a lot, get on a lot of shows.
The best part of all is often a show host hears you on someone else’s show and invites you on to their show. This happened to be just a few days ago. And it’s not the first time.

Now What?

Left to our own devices, we often think about what we want (and need) to do, but we don’t do it. And then there are those people who know the power of accountability, one-on-one coaching and taking specific, daily steps that WILL get them the result they seek.
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