You’re a woman, you’ve had a successful career, and now you’re ready for your “second act.” What is the second act? It’s the time in your life you are going to do things your way. You’re going to grow a business and leave a legacy of why you’re here in the first place.
You’ve raised the kids, had the career, been in long term relationship (or not) and KNOW there’s more to life than what you’re doing, but you’re not quite sure how to get your message out. You want to build a community you can work with, influence and make a difference to.
It’s actually a lot easier than you might be making it. The first step is making the decision you’re going to step out in a big way. It’s about positioning your message so it can be seen and heard.
No matter where you turn, someone has the latest and greatest way to position your message. Truth be told, there are lots of ways to get your message out to market.
With all that’s available online and off, we are not lacking for ways to reach our market. What most people are lacking is a strategy and one that is consistent.
Where most people fail is not grabbing hold of something and being consistent in what they are doing.
They try a little of this, a little of that, a little more of this, then they are off to the latest bright shiny object.
Stop! Spreading yourself too thin is going to do you and those you are trying to reach a disservice.
You’re better off to step back in order to decide exactly how you want to impact the market. Once you decide, commit to a specific period of time to focus, focus, focus.
By doing so you WILL have more of an impact and you are more likely to make a great living in the process.
One client I recently began working with is a great example of spreading herself too thin resulting in very poor results.
For quite some time this woman was spinning her wheels trying to reach her market and have an impact. It wasn’t for lack of desire and a lot of effort that things weren’t working for her. It was just the opposite. She has a great deal of desire and she was doing LOTS of work, but it wasn’t focused and she was doing a little of a lot of things rather than a lot of a little that was laser focused.
The first thing we did was evaluate what she had to offer and to whom. Once that was established we worked on a plan. One thing I asked her to do was let go of nearly 90% of what she had been doing and focus on only a handful of activities.
I had her put a list together of people she had been intending on following up with based on meeting them at networking meetings. One of the “spinning her wheels” activities was going to a lot of networking meetings, but she rarely followed up with those she met.
After putting her plan together and her working the plan, the results were nothing short of miraculous. In the first few days of follow-up she not only sold more than she usually did in a month or two previously, she also secured some speaking engagements, she set up meetings with several people to discuss what she could do for them, and several of the people she contacted gave her names of people they knew who could use her products and services.
One of the agreements she and I made was that before adding anything else to her plate, like another networking meeting, she would have a 24 hour cooling down period to decide if the meeting fit into her overall plan.
Amazingly, most of what she would have jumped on previous to us working together, she was now able to see that this was yet another BSO – bright shiny object.
Because she was willing to put a plan together, commit to work the plan for at least six months, and she is thinking things through based on logic rather than emotion, she has already seen incredible results.
It’s amazing how often we can get distracted with activities that don’t serve us or our clients.
If you’re looking for ways to be more productive one of the first things to do is step back, look at your own personal landscape and get honest about what is and what is not working. You also need to let go of those activities that can be considered “busy work” rather than activities that will get you the results you seek.
By doing so you will use less energy, get greater outcomes and impact more people with what you are here to do.